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Thank you to those of you who have donated to my PayPal!!!! Love you. Love you. Love you!!!❤️

Donations will be met with the most heartfelt gratitude!❤️ Please send me a donation if you can:

Personal and therapeutic love readings, are 95 $ for a 1 hour reading. The reading is taped, on table and sent to you in a private link. I am not doing quick readings at the moment. Send me your questions, your date of birth, names of the involved parties and request for the 1 hour reading here:
After you pay to my PaypalMe, I will put your reading into my calendar:

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FREE HEALING!!!! The Healing Pot of Love:

Many where e-mailing me their stories and I just didn't have enough time to respond to everybody, so I asked Spirit what to do? They came up with this, so we can reach as many as possible:

I'll put your words into the healing wind for clarification and peace in heart, if you write your story to me, entitling it: "A Healing Pot of Love", I will put it in my special file(A Healing Pot of Love) and a healing process for YOUR story will begin. Writing is therapeutic Spirit says.

Don't forget to end your story with POSITIVE manifestations of GENERAL wishes and dreams for your future life!

This is my e-mail if you want to leave your story in a self-therapeutic message:


Don't forget that I don't offer any promises! You have your free will and Spirit says that their help is always there but, in the end, it's up to you to be responsible for your life.❤️

Blessings and love from

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