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A fighter pilot tries to keep his squad together.

Alpha Squadron by Michael Lukk Litwak

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More About "Alpha Squadron":
Alpha Squadron is a short film about a group of friends growing in space!

"Alpha Squadron" Credits:
Alpha Leader/Ethan - Griffin Newman
Alpha 2/Burp - Jordan Carlos
Alpha 3/Derek - Will Dagger
Alpha 4/Chelsea - Sunita Mani
Omega Leader/Jordan - Sebastian Conelli

Director of Photography - Matt Morgan -
Production Design - Lauren Fitzsimmons -
Edited by Joanna Naugle -

A Yacht Club ( ) and Irving Harvey Production ()

Shot at Chemistry Creative -

Produced by
Joe DePasquale
Jake Ladehoff
Michael Lukk Litwak
Matt Morgan

AD - Zach Law

Casting by Kate Geller and Jessica Kelly

Alpha Squad Miniature by Jasper Anderson -

Sound Design by Bobb Barito -

Color by Matthew Greenberg

Art Direction - Violet Overn
Sam Swanson

Construction Coordinator - Joe Cairo
Scenic Charge - Monica Willie
Set Dresser - Stefany Mohebban

HMU/SFX MU - Valentina Gomez

Set Photographer - Cidney Hue

Gaffer - Andrew Naugle
GE - Christie Leitzell

Assistant Camera - Brian Hall
Assistant Editor - David Scherker

Sound - Sean Kiely

PA - Thomas Stroud

VFX Post Supervisor/Luma Mistress - Tim Hendrix
VFX Consultant - Josh Depew - @
VFX Assist - Adam G. Emerson

Nebula FX - Jake Ladehoff
Michael Lukk Litwak
Matt Morgan

Lenses Provided by Hand Held Films

VFX Facility provided by Dennis Fries

Special Thanks

Lauren Minnerath
Tiiu Lukk
Mark Litwak
David Litwak
Kayla Nadel Lamotta
Justin Levine
Captain the Dog
Cidney Hue
Shal Ngo
Natasha Kermani
Skye Von
Josh Senior
Joey Shanks
Sam Gursky

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