Solo Flawless Speedrun! 19:44! | Destiny 2 | Solo Prophecy Speedrun

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This run is per rules. This means no seasonal artifact mods were used (mainly because of oppressive darkness). This run thus follows all other rules on and will be submitted there.

I've always been interested in speedrunning, watching others do it and learning some techs myself. Once I saw this dungeon and watched some guides on sparrow flying (not very good at slipstreaming yet) I decided to tackle it myself. No doubt this run is not perfect, a lot of RNG happens in the wasteland spawns and the Cube room toland spawns. Not to mention a couple of mistakes I made. Either way, I tried this over and over again. Got it to 21mins but wasn't satisfied with a three phase on boss. Had to change things around and finally got the two phase that was needed for the sub 20!

Thanks for watching and I hope you can learn some cool strategies yourself!

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