SpaceX Boca Chica - Preparations for Super Heavy test campaign

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With Starship SN11 at the launch site, Super Heavy BN1 now has the High Bay to itself. A Thrust Ram rig is being prepared, potentially for use with SN15 or BN1, or both, testing.

Video & Photos from Mary (@BocaChicaGal). Edited by Theo Ripper (@TheoRipper).

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0:00 - Sunrise on SN 11
0:30 - Freshly Mounted Starship SN11
1:00 - High Bay Work Continues
1:30 - Super Heavy BN1 in High Bay
2:38 - Thrust Rams Being Installed
3:24 - Potential Launch Table
4:24 - Future Starship Ring Sections
4:54 - Raptor SN59 arrives at Boca Chica
6:13 Raptor Engine Transported
6:24 -Orbital Launch Site Work
8:01 - Starship SN11 Work
10:01 - Tankzilla Standing Down
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