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Today to celebrate new year we gonna see another epic speedrun. This time is not just a normal speedrun but speedrun battle. We gonna see classic wizard battling against super wizard to be the fastest to defeat all troops in Clash of Clans. We gonna see which wizard do better job speedrunning the entire army.

In this speedrun we gonna see all troops (yeah every single one of them) against wizard and super wizard. For wizards, we gonna use maximum housing space minus 20 that has been reserved by goblin. For all troops, we gonna use 45 housing space or maximum number that clan castle can contain. Every wizard will deployed all at once so it can deal maximum damage hence unlock their maximum speedrun potential. Wizard that can defeat clan castle troops faster will earn a point. Whoever got the most point at the end of this competition will win and have the right to be called Master of Speedrun.

Wizard is classic troop in Clash of Clans, actually he is member of Old Generation Clash of Clans Troops which mean he already exists since the beginning of the Clash of Clans Universe. Like all wizard and magician or intelligence unit, he can deal big amount of damage but can't take much damage. It's always good practice to use wizard accompanied by tanker such as giant or golem or any tanker. He also deal splash damage which is good but not really useful in real world. He is not very fast but can't complain since the damage he deal is pretty high.

Super Wizard is super saiyan version of Wizard. He is wizard but more powerful in almost every aspect. He deal more damage and can took more damage too. He is more durable than wizard but don't expect him to be as durable as Golem or even Giant. (you'll be disappointed and your day will ruined). He has special attack called chain magic which is pretty decent addition compared to classic wizard. His chain magic can spread around the main target and deal decent damage to small area. It's very useful against small cc troops.

Who do you think gonna win this epic speedrun battle?
Classic Wizard with his wit?
Super Wizard with his super wit?

Let's see and enjoy!

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