Stand Up: The Level Playing Field

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The election of President Donald J. Trump occurred at just the right moment to revive the Country and keep it from falling off the cliff of Globalism, New World Order governance and the complete submission to the economics of scarcity and feudal rule. This perception is at the center of the current understanding of what is known as The Plan, by which a band of Q Patriots and a billionaire businessman rose to power to restore America. The fact is that things were far worse than anyone ever realized.

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Take a stand. An economic level playing field is about to take place for all Countries. The world is moving to micro-transactions and with a decentralized global liquidity asset in the middle of all currencies. The unbanked will be able to fully participate in the economy.

A level playing field will be amazing but it won't come easy, a global economic collapse will need to take place to move us away from the Central Bank System. The completion of Brexit, China's currency collapse and negative interest rates are some of the key triggers.

Are you aware of the coming collapse? What will it mean to your money and investments? Being aware means you can position yourself now in front of a life-changing shift set to take place any day. It will be the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Watching this video before that day will forever change the way you live and see the world. Someone cared enough to direct you here, take the time to understand and to further research for yourself what the Internet of Value will mean to the world.

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