Super Mario 3D World [Switch] Miniboss Speedrun Compilation

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A compilation of many miniboss and Fire Bros levels. All these levels are very short and I didn't want to make videos for each one of them. I touch the star when it's spawning to grab it earlier.
These levels are:
- 1-A: 4 seconds
- 2-A: 4 seconds
- 3-A: 4 seconds
- 4-A: 15 seconds
- 4-B: 3 seconds
- 5-A: 5 seconds
- 5-B: 5 seconds
- 6-B: 4 seconds
- 7-C: 5 seconds

All these times are tied WRs (5 in 7-C might be untied for now though).
Many of these times were really easy, the hardest ones were 2-A and 7-C.

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