Super Pocoyo Superhero Pocoyo Show Learning Through Laughter Plush Toy for Kids from Bandai Toys

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From the Nick-jr Pocoyo Show here we have Super Pocoyo superhero! We let him out the box and Pocoyo shows us his cute toddler superhero mask & cape costume. And Pocoyo sings us a funny song. Let's go Pocoyo!! :)

This Learn Through Laughter Pocoyo plush toy is for toddlers ages 18 months+ and is made by Bandai toys. Special appearances made by Lightning McQueen from Cars 2, Mickey Mouse, Dora the Explorer, Fijit Friends Yippits Pink, Donald Duck, Spider-Man and Minnie Mouse!

The Pocoyo TV show is an educational learning animated cartoon CGI children's television program series for toddlers & preschool children which helps kids, parents & family learn English. Cute Pocoyo has lots of fun adventures in Pocoyo World with the other characters in the series Elly, Pato, Loula & Sleepy Bird.

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