Supernatural Buffalo - Supernatural Buffalo (2018) (Full Album)

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Supernatural Buffalo - Supernatural Buffalo (2018) (Full Album) This is the self titled debut album from Supernatural Buffalo, released in March 2018. Supernatural Buffalo's music is a calm lake that eventually you can surf. Born in a beach town on the shores of Lake Erie and raised on the road all across Canada , Supernatural Buffalo will take you on a musical trip somewhere between earth and ethereal , grit and grace. Terrestrial trips atop celestial reveries, reclined beneath a firmament of blue-sky psych. Panoramic grassland grooves for stargazers beholden to a timeless muse.

1. Birth of The Buffalo - 0:00
2. Real Trouble Blues - 3:42
3. In a Light - 8:34
4. Come On Inside - 11:41
5. Ostrich and The Sands of Time - 15:35
6. Idol Worship - 19:38
7. Down The River - 24:17
8. Nobody Knows - 30:33
9. Real Death of Robert Mills - 39:20
10. As The Bird Flies - 44:19

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