TF2 - A Complete History of Team Fortress 2 on YouTube [2007]

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TF2 - A Complete History of Team Fortress 2 on YouTube [2007] is the first part in a series i want to make exploring all team fortress 2 content that was made since the games release.
All your favourite YouTubers such as Muselk, Lazy Purple, Nislt, Delfy, Uncle Dane, Peter Scraps, NateFox, Mr. Paladin, the winglet and so many more would maybe never have started their path to glory on YouTube if it wasn't for these early videos.
If this video is received well part two is on the way and if it is received VERY well I'll put more time into the next one even though this was already way more work than i had
TF2 has always had some content that never changes but there is also original and new creations that came with time and exploring those will surely be fun too.
0:00 - 0:57 Intro
0:57 - 1:53 Meet the Thief
1:53 - 2:58 Meet the Teacher
2:58 - 4:22 Meet the Exploiter
4:22 - 5:14 Meet the Player
5:14 - 6:14 Outro
Here's the link to the video showing footage predating 2007:

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