The Crow: City of Angels is Somehow The WORST Speedrun I've Ever Completed

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Please read this description to answer any questions. We managed to obtain a PB in this game of 1:24:16

1. The only way to continue in this game is to use a continue code. There are no lives and if you die you die, since this is an issue on the games difficulty usage of proper continue codes can be considered allowed. Meaning if we reach a level in the game we would be permitted to continue from that point given you'd be losing time to the code entering and loads+time lost to death

2. The long necks aren't mandatory and are an easter egg in the game. They provide no benefit and actually hinder the run since you'll need to quit the game and deactivate it before you play "The Tower" since this can actually crash your game on official hardware. There is also a stickman mode which is also funny

3. This game is probably one of the worst I've ever played and it constantly makes me laugh with the awful dialogues and weird gimmicks. So much of the games timesave is hoping to god you can manage to keep a gun and that enemies choose to not block.

4. Time starts on New Game select and ends on the final boss hit

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