The Crown Season 4: Ending Explained | Full Spoiler Review & The Real Life Events

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The Crown Season 4: Ending Explained | Full Spoiler Review & The Real Life Events That Could Inspire Season 5. We review, recap and explain the latest season of The Crown on Netflix and discuss the true history behind it.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I'm your host Paul aka The King Of Spoilers and this video we're breaking down everything you need to know about the latest season of The Crown.

The series pulls on a tonne of real life events and though it's often stated by the creative team that this should be viewed as a dramatisation, it definitely lines up a lot with what really happened. I'm gonna be dropping in and out of the storyline and stating the true events alongside the general plot but hopefully this helps to paint out the true picture of what happened in the season and beyond it.

Episode 1 begins all the way back in 1979 and things become complicated when Lord Mountbatten is killed in an attack carried out by the IRA. This real life organisation first appeared in the late 60s and it attempted to end the British Rule over Northern Ireland.

Ireland had very much been ransacked by the troubles and my grandfather who was Irish actually came to England due to the conflicts and attacks that were rife throughout the country. They claimed responsibility for this and very much rebelled against the empire which had led to famine, poverty and destabilisation.

The fallout of this attack alongside the themes of power are very much the back drop of Season 4 and we watch as the family question their role in the public eye.

Clearly the IRA are seeking change and they aren't the only ones either.

Season Four also sees the appointment of the first female primeminister who I'm sure you're well aware was Margaret Thatcher. Nicknamed The Iron Lady, Thatcher carried this reputation due to her almost unfeeling and unapologetic actions.

In many ways Thatcher and The Queen mirror one another and they faced the same difficulties when first gaining power. Men tried to force them down certain paths but they stood strong infront of these and refused to be overpowered.

Gillian Anderson plays her expertly throughout the season and you almost forget that she's a woman who is despised by a vast majority of my proudest of a person in

Being from the North East me and my family very much have a certain view of Thatcher and though I'm still not a fan of her I think the season does an incredible job of portraying the ins and outs of her time in power.

Thatcher was very much responsible for several colliery closures and this led to the miners strike of 1984. Coal was slowly becoming more and more unprofitable and the shutdown of this industry led to a lot of poverty and hardships for those affected by it.

Clearly she is a complicated character and there's almost the sense of the patriarchy being examined with us questioning how certain aspects of society have to be remade for the new world and if it's worth the cost.

I know that many still like like her and if you disagree with my opinion or not I'm sure we can both agree that she's still viewed as a very divisive character.

(Episode 4) Thatcher at one point also brings up the fact that her son Mark has been captured in Algeria and the Queen is quite shocked to see her state that he is her favourite child even though she has twins.

This makes her start to question who her favourite child is and speaking of them, the season too puts Anne and Charle's respective relationships in the spotlight.

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