The Original Super Glue TOTAL TECH Provides the Strongest Bond for Heavy-Duty Projects

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The Original Super Glue’s Total Tech is the the perfect mix of a heavy-duty construction adhesive and all-purpose sealant. Total Tech bonds with high strength (up to 390 PSI); seals with great flexibility (450% elongation); and repairs any type of material indoors and outdoors, in all-weather conditions with instant grab – even under water!
Its sealing capabilities make it 100% watertight which is ideal for use in and around pools, sinks, and bathtubs. Total Tech is solvent-free and water-free. Total Tech clear won’t turn yellow when exposed to UV light. Total Tech comes in clear and white.

Total Tech works best on:
• Brass
• Mirrors
• Aluminum
• Masonry
• Most Plastics
• Fiberglass
• Steel
• Wood

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