The Weirdest Cheated Speedrun World Record

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What happens when one of the most competitive and popular speedrunning games gets a cheated run accepted onto the leaderboards?

I just want to note that this is not a drama video! This cheated world record occurred over a year and a half ago, everything here is presented purely for your entertainment, not to "expose" anyone, so please be respectful to any individuals mentioned in the video!

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Music used (in order):
Celeste OST (@Lena Raine) - Reach for the Summit
Celeste OST (@Lena Raine) - Resurrections
Dustforce OST (@Lifeformed) - The Magnetic Tree
Celeste OST (@Lifeformed) - Reflection
Dustforce OST (@Lifeformed) - It's Not Suppose To Be Snowing
Super Mario 64 OST - File Select
Dustforce OST (@Lifeformed) - Elvish Piper Academy
Ducktales (NES) - The Moon Theme

Videos referenced:
@GSA - Global Speedrun Association Multiple PACE2019 VoDs
@TGH "Celeste Any% Speedrun in 27:50"
Multiple Phoenix4K runs
(removed or unavailable)
@SourceRuns "Half-Life 2: Episode Two - Done Quick - 30:36 WR"

Thanks to attmayMB, daver12345, AyanokoRin, Lev067, EricJ_Math, jrstan, Lemmons, and frozenflygone for helping with the video creation process.

This video is not an actual speedrun world record, nor a speedrun tutorial. This video is a showcase/storytelling of a cheated world record speedrun, explaining the competition, context, and cheating methodology that went into creating the cheated speedrun, so that the viewer can best understand the situation. This video is very similar to my "How Speedrunners " videos, but with a storytelling twist.

I used a new microphone this video! My old blue yeti broke so I purchased an AKG P220. I'm still getting used to it, and this mic picks up a bit more background noise than I'm used to. Sorry if you hear any background noise!
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