The World Health Organization Preys On Children | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 478

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Joe Biden finally addresses the rape allegations against him, and it goes about as well as you expected. Also, many leftists were mad at Trump for defunding the World Health Organization, but today I want to talk about a good reason to defund WHO that has nothing to do with the coronavirus. In fact, the organization has been for many years a leading advocate for sexualizing and grooming children with radical "sex ed" courses. Also Five Headlines, and in today’s Daily Cancellation I finally cancel feminism. Long overdue.

The World Health Organization Preys On Children - 00:44
Joe Biden addresses sexual assault allegations - 12:05
Protestors demonstrate against Michigan's emergency measures - 19:59
Native American Artist: My Father Drew The Land O Lakes Maiden And She Isn’t A Stereotype - 23:09
Rutgers Associate Professor Blames Trump Supporters For Disproportionate Number Of Blacks Dying From Virus - 25:53
Feminism is canceled - 30:00

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