Undertale (Genocide Ending English) Speedrun in 1:05:37

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Finally the 1:05! :D

World Record as of 10/28/2016.


Q: Why the Linux version of Undertale?
A: Linux version removes a keycheck present on the Z,X, Shift and Enter keys in Windows versions, making mashing easier and faster, which is faster for RTA speedruns for most runners.

Q: You spared Jerry! This isn't really Genocide!
A: Yes it is. You can actually spare most enemies and still finish a Genocide Ending. The only requirements are killing all bosses and minibosses, and reaching each area's required kill count (20 in Ruins, 16 in Snowdin, 18 in Waterfall and 40 in Hotland/Core).

Q: What happened at 43:03?
A: Either my keyboard double-hit, or Undertale accepted two Z/Enter inputs for some reason when I only inputted one each, causing the whiff on Astigmatism.

Q: How much timesave is left?
A: It's hard to say, but my guess is the category can go as low as 1:04:40 with exceptional RNG and perfect execution. -- Watch live at
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