UPDATE 5/1/20 | New $2,000 Stimulus Package, Stimulus Check, & SBA

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In this video I'm going to touch on the latest updates in regards to the Stimulus Checks, the $2,000 a month stimulus package that's being proposed and the latest regarding the SBA's PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) and the EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loan).

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With the SBA's loans, the PPP opened back up again to receive applications on Monday. They are really trying to help smaller lenders get funding this time to the point where they shut down access on Wednesday and Thursday for the Large Banks to send applications. For the EIDL, the SBA has stated on it's website that they are not opening up their web application until they finish processing everyone from the 1st round of funding.

Regarding IRS Stimulus Checks, i have updates for some who receive federal benefits. If you receive SSI or Veterans Benefits and you have not filed your 2018 taxes or 2019 taxes but have children who you would claim as dependents, well you need to let the IRS know about this as soon as possible. Go to the IRS' website and click on the non-filers form to do this. This is the only way you'll receive a $500 check per child and the deadline to do this is by May 5th, 2020.

The latest update with this $2,000 a month stimulus package is that President Trump's Senior Economic advisor has made it known that he thinks it's very likely that there's a phase 4 deal and that the odds of there not being another round of legislation is pretty low. Nancy Pelosi also mentioned that more cash payments is a priority for this new aid package. The senate goes back to full sessions on May 4th. The House was supposed to also go back on May 4th but they've postponed that and haven't given a date yet when they will resume. Once Congress gets back to full sessions again, we should have a better idea of the likelyhood of this stimulus bill getting passed.

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