???????? What German School is Like for Our American Kids ???????? | Part 2

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You asked and we're answering - finally! I know so many of you have wanted to know how our four American kids are doing in German public schools. Our kids have hardly spent any time at all in school in person because of COVID, but they are doing school online, so it's been a challenge for sure! We share all about how we're managing all of it. You'll hear how German education is actually quite a bit different American education. You'll hear what keeps us up at night with worry, and what's going well.

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0:00 - What German School is Like for Our American Kids - see some videos from our daily lives in Germany
2:14 - What type of school did we choose? Public, International or Montessori
3:27 - How our youngest is doing in kindergarten
4:36 - How it started - the first meetings with the teachers
6:52 - The three tracks in German schools and why 4th grade is so difficult
10:38 - We had major German school culture shock for the first month
14:34 - Helping them with their homework is helping us learn German
15:38 - They walk or ride their bicycles to school & more culture shocks
18:58 - One surprise we had

???????? For the kids and Kevin - the Duolingo App ()
???????? Grayson's favorite ways - Language Hacking for Beginners (a workbook) and a German visual dictionary -
???????? Also, total and complete immersion and being okay with talking like a toddler for a while is a MUST ;) LOL

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