What if every Cat Shine doubled Mario's speed in Bowser's Fury? [Super Mario 3D World Bowser's Fury]

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Today we push the limits of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury modding by doubling Mario's speed every time Mario collects a cat shine, making possibly the world's fastest Mario! We play the Bowser's Fury part of the new Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury on the Nintendo Switch, and we start at the beginning of the game at Furstep Island, where Mario starts with double speed! After collecting the first Cat Shine, Mario has 4 times regular speed! Every time Mario collects a Cat Shine, his speed is doubled again, and we try to collect as many cat shines as we can in one hour of gameplay, cut down into to this video! This is a great Mario meme and there are many funny Mario gameplay moments in this video with a much faster Mario :D

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Intro - 0:00
x2 SPEED: Furstep Island/ Explanation - 0:14
x4 SPEED: Scamper Shores - 0:44
Make the Lighthouse Shine (Scamper Shores) - 1:31
x8 SPEED: Scamper Shores - 2:04
Fury Shadow by the Shore Cat Shine (Shadow Luigi) - 2:17
x16 SPEED: Scamper Shores - 3:09
Key to the Cat Shine - 3:27
Trying a Propeller Box power-up - 4:42
x32 SPEED: Scamper Shores - 5:44
5 Cat Shine Shards - 5:57
Bowser's First appearance - 6:34
Lakeside Giga Bell - 7:59
Getting the final Cat Shine shard - 9:15
Funny Mario cutscene trigger - 11:15
x64 SPEED: 12:18
Blast the Fury Blocks - 12:34
Fort Flaptrap - 12:59
Speed Boost Panels - 13:09
Cat Shine Shard on the tree - 14:01
Final Cat Shine Shard - 15:50
x128 SPEED: 16:54
Fort Flaptrap Bully the Cat Bullies - 17:11
Trying to defeat the Cat Bullies, Bowser Jr's "Help" - 19:00
x256 SPEED: 20:23
Blue Coin Bustle Fort Flaptrap - 20:31
Clipping/ lagging from high speed - 21:09
Here comes Bowser! - 21:29
Giga Cat Mario vs Bowser boss fight at faster speed - 22:11
Plessie - 25:20
Pounce Bounce Isle - 26:05
Slipskate Slope - 27:02
Mario has ascended beyond the map of Lake Lapcat - 28:59
Clawswipe Colosseum Boss Fight - 30:00
Crisp Climb Castle - 30:57
Plessie Cat Shine without Plessie - 31:20
On top of the invisible Bowser platform - 32:29
Overall grand total summary - 33:28

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