WilburSoot has a HUGE Plan for the Dream SMP...

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WilburSoot has a HUGE Plan for the Dream
WilburSoot is back from the dead on the Dream SMP! So what does he have planned? We know that in the dimension WilburSoot was sent to, 7 months felt like 13 years, so having that much time could mean that Wilbur is now incredibly knowledgeable and, he's developed an entire future for the SMP in his head. We know that in prison, Dream told TommyInnit that he would bring Wilbur back in order to break out, and with a HUGE event right around the corner and, a potential lore stream from Dream, could we see this actually happen? Not to mention that Will now thinks that Dreams his saviour.

So with chaos and violence looking like it's about to make a comeback, what do you think the future holds for the Dream SMP?

Let me know what you think.

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