World Record Firebase Z Easter Egg Speedrun Solo GLITCHLESS Build% 24:59

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Easter Egg Speedrun for Firebase Z Solo in the Build% Glitchless category. Glitchless implies that nothing was used in the run that was unintended in any way; so ANY exploit/glitch is not allowed (Aether Shroud Wall Jumps / Spawn Parkour Jump). It was completed around 8pm Eastern Time on February 15th, 2021 and at the time of completion was the fastest Build% time known (from my Twitch channel link down below). Unless new major route changes or patches for major time saves (Weaver Dialogue for Satellite) this is where I am finished for Firebase Z. This time can get lower and I know between the time of me completing this and getting it uploaded TheScrappyCrappy got a 24:40 in Build% Glitch ().

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