WORLD RECORD Spore Speedrun Any% Hard 56:08

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Current World Record for Spore completed from Cell Stage to the Center of the Galaxy (Galactic Core) on Hard Difficulty in 56 minutes and 8 seconds. This is the first time Spore has been completed on Hard Difficulty in less than 1 hour!

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This was my first commentary of something this long so I really hope I sounded clear and concise and most importantly that I kept the commentary interesting throughout the run. The first 10 minutes or so were scripted but the rest was with notes. Feed back is always welcome as I want to do more commentary videos like this one! I know there are some commentary mistakes like claiming to have 10 spice geysers instead of 8 in Civ, sometimes confusing the Tribal Instruments, and some other small things ;) Overall I am very happy with this run and I am going to go update some of my other speed runs as well to bring them up to the current strategies.

This is the "New Game" (NG) category for Spore Speed runs. This is to simulate someone's very first time playing Spore. In this category only default Maxis made creations are in the Sporepedia at the start of the run, and there was no extra outside help from previous Space Stage saves during the run.

Cell Stage: (0:00)
Creature Stage: (7:55)
Tribal Stage: (24:03)
Civilization Stage: (42:46)
Space Stage: (52:22)
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